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Why Your Scores Are Better When You Play in the Morning

Everyone has different styles and preferences when it comes to the game of golf. While largely personal preference, what many golfers have realized is that they actually play better when they play in the morning.

Everyone has different styles and preferences when it comes to the game of golf. Some people like to go and play golf in the afternoon. Some will go out and actually have a quick round in the mid-morning hours. Others, will get up at the crack of dawn, have breakfast and a coffee, prepare, and hit the greens. Does any of this matter though or is it all personal preference. While largely personal preference, what many golfers have realized is that they actually play better when they play in the morning.

So why is this the case? Even if you prefer to play golf in the afternoon, you may find that you actually perform better in the morning. Does this make any sense? While impossible to really prove scientifically, there are a few reasons as to why you would perform better golfing in the morning on a Jacksonville, FL golf course than later on in the day. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these reasons.

Your Body is Not Work Down Physically

There really are a lot of physical aspects to the game of golf. You may not realize it but golf does involve a lot of muscles that you use all day and every day. If you are the type of person to get up in the morning and hit the gym, trying to then golf later could result in your muscles not having the energy and strength necessary to swing the club the way that you want to. Even going through a hard day of work or doing a lot of walking can strain your muscles so that you are worn down by the time you hit the course in the afternoon hours.

When you golf in the morning your body is not worn down physically in any way. You are able to get up and be in a fresh state of mind and have your muscles ready to be stretched out and prepared for the round of 18 that lies ahead. This is why you may find that you have more power behind your drives, more accuracy in your irons, and improved striking with your putts. In the morning, your body is ready and is not going to be reeling from any ill effects of the day that came before the round began.

Mental Preparation in the Morning Hours

Mental preparation is also extremely important before you hit any Jacksonville, FL golf course. You need to get your mind right so that you can swing with accuracy and velocity. You also need your mind right so that you can make proper decisions in terms of which clubs to use in which situations, how to read fairways, read greens, and so on. When you golf in the afternoon hours, especially after a day of work, chances are your mind is mentally drained. Golf may be a way to relax your mind, but that does not mean it is going to translate to a sold round of golf.

When you golf in the morning your mind, just like your body, is going to be ready for the round ahead. It is going to be all rested and is not going to be reeling from any of the stresses of the day that may have come before it. Think about a day of work and how much mental stress exists there. Avoiding all of that and converting all of that energy into a solid round of golf can lead to much improved decisions on the golf course and thus, improves scores. Getting your mind right before you take on a golf course is a great way to help ensure that you are going to have a productive and successful round overall.

Golf is one of those games where you really have to have a combination of your mind and your body ready for the holes that are ahead. Golf is used by many as a social and relaxing game. Those that play it competitively though will tell you just how much work they put in to be sure their minds and their bodies are ready to take on whatever Jacksonville, FL course they may choose. As someone who is trying to improve their game, what you may find is that you have a much better chance of having the round of golf of your dreams earlier in the day rather than later. Give it a shot and see what the results are compared to your afternoon rounds.

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